5 Quick Weight Loss Tips

The 7-Minute Workout Is A High-Intensity Circuit Training Requiring Minimal Efforts With Maximum Results

Being physically active is very essential to the health. Although, exercise only make about 20% of the overall contribution on maintaining a good level of health and fitness, it is still vital to the body. In fact, the CDC provides recommendations or guidelines about how much should an adult be active physically on a daily basis. Today, many people know the importance of exercise. However, due to hectic schedules, overloaded with work either at home or office, or simply one's laziness prevail … [Read More...]

Top 10 Benefits Of Running

Previously, we've covered fun outdoor activities that are great equivalents for cardiovascular workouts. One of those mentioned outdoor activities is running. Yes, running or jogging is an excellent workout that offers many health benefits, and not just a simple weight loss. Of course, it has a significant impact in burning calories and melting off the fat especially the omentum in the belly area. If you are among those who are regular runners, you might have notice how good it feels after … [Read More...]

Fasting Diets Health Benefits and Tips To Fast Effectively For Long-Term Results

Trends and fashions come and go with startling regularity and speed in the health and fitness industry. In no specific area is this more true than with diets and dieting. It almost always seems like there is some hot new diet that is all the rage. One type of diet that has been popular as of late is the fasting diet. Though the diet’s entry into the health and fitness world is relatively recent, it has long been popular in other walks of life. This is particularly true of religion. Many … [Read More...]