10 Fundamental Rules For Achieving Long-Term, Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Results

When it comes to losing weight, it is essential to follow certain healthy rules to achieve long-term results and be able to maintain ideal weight for life. Listed below are some of the most common rules for a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Rules

These are the basics which any should start when trying to lose weight. Even popular health and fitness guide available are based mostly on these rules wit the exception of fad dieting.

For those who are not accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle eating healthy every day, these tips might seem absurd and somewhat difficult to follow along. However, with persistence and determination to reach that weight loss goal, it is possible to stick with these rules.

Rule #1 – Include Protein In Each Meal

Proteins In Eggs

Nutritionists recommend that 25 percent of calorie intake should come from lean proteins such as lean meats, eggs, low-fat dairy and fish. Proteins make the body feel full quickly for an extended time and help in the development of muscles after intense physical workouts. Furthermore, according to recent research at the University Of Illinois, proteins can help in burning excess body fats.

Rule #2 – Eat A Satisfying Breakfast

An Example Of A Filling Breakfast

Breakfast is a crucial meal, but not many people know it. Majority of men and women have the habit of skipping breakfast. On the other hand, the National Weight Control Registry(NWCR) recorded over 10,000 people who are successful in their diet lose over 30 pounds and keep the weight off with breakfast as a primary part of their daily diet plans.

The ideal breakfast must contain both fiber and proteins as both these components can help boost the body’s energy levels. Additionally, it gives satisfaction to the appetite preventing unwanted snacking. Typical breakfast include fruits, Greek yogurt, toasted bread with peanut butter, or vegetables along with scrambled egg.

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Rule # 3 – Reduce The Size Of Serving Plates

Reduce Serving Plate Sizes

Devoting to achieve one’s weight loss goal is oftentimes mind over matter. Having switched to smaller plates and bowls are significant keys when it comes to reducing calorie intake. Teaching one’s mind to eat in a smaller plate will make the brain it is still a large portion and tells the appetite to be satisfied.

Switch a 10 to 14 inches plate with a 7 to 8 inches plate. This theory has been proven by researchers at Cornell University. During the research, participants were given large bowls during breakfast were eating 16 percent more cereal compare to those who were provided with smaller plates. Participants who were eating on large bowls still feel they were eating less compared to the other group.

Rule #4 – Make It A Habit To Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Researches and medical studies have proven that eating more veggies is vital for maintaining long-term weight loss results. Aiming for 5 to 9 servings of vegetables is ideal for daily consumption.

It is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins along with other essential nutrients that help fill the body for sustaining good health while reducing calorie intake. On the other hand, fruits are both fiber-rich and antioxidants as well as very good sweet treats.

One of the fundamental thing to keep in mind when it comes to weight loss is to consider fruits and vegetables as substitute for foods with high calorie contents.

Consider swapping meat, cheese or sandwich with tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Additionally, chopped veggies can be a substitute for both rice and past during dinner. These fruits and vegetables substitute make one feel full quickly while eating a lot less.

Rule #5 – Remain Hydrated At All Times

Stay Hydrated and Drink Water For Weight Loss

Large percentage of the human body comprises water, and staying hydrated is a remarkably good idea to sustain good health and weight loss. More often, people thought they are hungry, yet they are actually thirsty. To stay hydrated all throughout the day, drink a glass of water prior to every meal.

In fact, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water is always a recommendation. When it comes to weight loss, water is pretty much neglected especially by those who are just beginning and trying to lose weight.

Water is the best beverage on earth, and that is the reason why we call water is life. Replacing beverages with high calorie contents with water can help achieve a modest weight loss results. This is according to the recent study at the AJCN(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

Rule #6 – Avoid And Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners and Sodas

Sweeteners can do little when it comes to losing weight. In fact, it could end up weight gain in the long run. An animal-based research was conducted at the Purdue University discovered that rats given foods that are artificially sweetened end up eating more calories than those without it.

Hence, this is the right time to skip sodas, cookies, cakes that are artificially sweetened and other sweet treats with artificial sweeteners.

Rule #7 – Eat In Small Portions But Often

The old way of dieting in order to lose weight is not to eat between meals. However, things have changed as there are plenty of new and better ways for dieting. The new way is not allowing beyond 5 hours without eating. It is a crucial habit not to let oneself go hungry.

When hunger occurs, it is much difficult to make choices for the best foods to eat. With today’s busy life, everyone is heading towards the fast foods when hunger occurs.

On the other hand, preparing nutritious and well-balanced meals in small portions and eating more often can prevent hunger from happening. Additionally, it helps maintain blood sugar level, hence lowering unwanted food cravings.

Skipping meals means letting hunger happen. Eventually, it can lead to difficulty in controlling the appetite.

Rule #8 – Be Active Physically and Keep That Body Moving All Day

Exercise and Maintain A Physically Active Body

Undoubtedly, exercise or being active physically is the gold standard for both weight and fat loss as well as maintaining good mood.

Working out on a regular basis along with healthy eating habits can accelerate weight loss goals substantially. This is a proven process. Therefore, try to get the body moving by doing exercise such as cardio, weight lifting and even light exercises such as jogging, walking or doing household chores.

Do not reason not to exercise because of the absence of gym membership. Getting physically active can be done anywhere outside of a gym such as at home or work.

Rule #9 – Reduce or Eliminate Stress Completely

Reduce and Eliminate Stress

Kaiser Permanente has been studying the link between weight loss and stress. The research discovered that men and women whose stress levels are low, tend to lose weight easily. When the body is stressed, it releases a hormone called cortisol, and it is responsible for fat storage. Furthermore, increased in cortisol hormone causes cravings for fatty foods.

To fight, reduce or eliminate stress, practice relaxation through deep breathing techniques. Attending a yoga class is extremely helpful to keep both body and mind relaxed.

Additionally, get organized. Oftentimes, stress can occur due to unorganized things at home or work. Drinking healthy beverages such as green tea can help alleviate stress.

It is also a smart move to do exercise when stress occurs. As mentioned above, exercise can help keep up the good mood.

Rule #10 – Get Enough Sleep Or Rest At Night

Get Enough Sleep For Better Weight Loss Results

Getting enough rest is crucial to losing weight. Additionally, sleep charges up the entire body to gain high energy levels during the day. A 7 hour of uninterrupted sleep at night is a good recommendation. When there is lack of sleep, the body produces a hormone called Grehlin which is responsible for triggering hunger and making the body store excess fats.

The University Of Chicago Sleep Research Lab conducted a study and found out that people who lack in sleep tend to eat 500 calories more than those have regular sleeping hours.

Let us face it, when we feel exhausted due to lack of rest or sleep, it is extremely difficult to make a good decision about food choices. Eventually, it can lead to wrong choices of foods, feeling sluggish to perform exercise and end up gaining weight in the long run.


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